Couple pontoons

Janson's Couple Pontoons are designed to be transported by standard trucks. They are lowered into the water by crane using the upper couplers as lifting lugs. Once in the water, the pontoons can quickly and easily be coupled by two engineers without any mechanical aid using a specially designed coupling system. We also offer a wide range of auxiliary equipment, such as gangways, bollards, fenders and spud legs etc. so the flexibility of the Janson Couple Pontoons can be further enhanced.

The pontoons consist of a rugged welded all around steel frame fitted with a 6 mm thick cover plate, a 10 mm thick reinforced deck plate and an 8 mm thick reinforced base plate. Links are designed for a resistance of 20 tons in each direction and outboard motors, pontoons and winches are available for movement of the platforms. Janson Coupling pontoons are available in 3 different heights: 1.00, 1.50 and 2.00 metres.