This special Business Unit of Janson Bridging focuses on collaborating with organisations that are active in the area of safety and disaster relief. Not only because in recent years we have become increasingly involved in the fight against natural disasters, but also because we feel that it is important to be of assistance following armed violence.


Janson’s Security & Disaster Relief Services (SDR) is a sparring partner at the correct level for civil and military safety and security organisations. Our people have served for years in safety/security organisations and have plenty of experience in this field. This makes the staff of Janson Bridging experienced support forces for relief agencies. Our professionals are geared to innovations and cooperation and are pleased to use their expertise to make the world just a bit safer.

That is why we are pleased to cooperate with the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, as established by the General Assembly of the United Nations. Janson Bridging is convinced that it can contribute substantially to the realisation of these goals for social development, safety/security and sustainability:

  • Our extensive knowledge in the area of modular steel bridges, pontoon systems, RoRos and ferries.
  • Our capacity to realise swift and professionally qualitative, reliable, sustainable and affordable horizontal infrastructure.
  • Our expertise in multi-stakeholder project development.

Our modular product are eminently suitable for realising these goals. As a result of modularity, these products can be adapted to nearly every situation and moreover, can be delivered from stock! Get to know our SDR professionals and discover what Janson Bridging SDR can do for you and your organisation.

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