About Us

Janson Bridging is the market leader in Europe for the hire of modular steel bridges, pontoons, RoRos, temporary bridges and ferries and it is the largest rental company of its kind in the world. We are one of the world's leading bridge installation companies. Our headquarters are located in Hank in the Netherlands and in addition to the UK, Janson Bridging has branches in France, Germany, Belgium & Italy. Norway serves as a worldwide distribution network. 



The Janson Bridging concept

Janson’s concept is based on the modularity of our products: all our products are based on standard dimensions of the elements. Therefore, our various product can be easily adapted in length and width. That enables us to deliver special solutions swiftly, efficiently and cost effectively using our standard products. Our products are also re-usable. That is our way of combating environmental pollution. By keeping our stocks at strategic locations, we can deliver quickly and adequately meet the challenges of our commissioning parties.





Janson Bridging worldwide

Janson Bridging operates in both the civil and military market. We serve the latter with our standard products via our business unit Security and Disaster Relief (SDR). Furthermore, we also deliver permanent bridges worldwide in places that are difficult to reach, for example in Sri Lanka, Ghana or Thailand. For realising this, we have a special unit: Janson Bridging International. 

What can we bridge for you?

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Janson Bridging is the market leader in Europe for the hire and purchase of modular steel bridges, pontoons, RoRos and ferries. Our innovative solutio...