Specials (JCS)

In addition to all the standard products Janson Bridging has in its portfolio, we also offer customised solutions (JCS). That way we always get to the other side. But also our special accessibility solutions are based on our modular thinking. This means that we always have a tailor-made solution based on our experience and yet fast and cost-effective.

Our roll-on-roll-off systems (JRO) are one of these customised accessibility solutions. The Janson Bridging roll-on-roll-off system makes loading and unloading from ships much easier in harbours with tidal movement. Janson’s RoRo systems fuse the advantages of our various smart products by combining our modular pontoons with a bridge system between the embankment and the pontoon island.

By using our various modular products, RoRos can be realised for a countless number of situations that match the local circumstances and take into account the tidal movements, flooding, wind force and the required unloading system of the ships.

Janson’s RoRos were developed according to international standards and meet the applicable international certifications. Hiring with an option to purchase is also a possibility.



Road surface width
Standard according to Eurocode LM1
Bridge length

Jansons RoRos (JRO)

  • Emergencies, temporary and semi-permanent applications
  • Based on standard modules
  • Option of countless configurations
  • Option of design based on various standards
  • Hire, lease or purchase option are possible