Janson Bridging modular pontoons are designed and manufactured according to international nautical design regulations which focus specifically on floating structures. The Janson modular pontoon system is a fast, simple and inexpensive solution for creating water-based platforms by connecting the pontoons together. This versatile system allows any configuration you may require including square, rectangular, H or U-shaped platforms. You can also determine the height: 100, 150 or 200 centimetres. The pontoons are specially designed to be transported by truck and then to be lifted into the water by a crane. The upper couplers are used as lifting lugs and once on the water they can easily be coupled by our engineers. We also supply all auxiliary equipment, such as gangways, bollards, fenders and spud legs etc.

  • (Temporary) mooring pontoon
  • Pontoon bridge
  • Work islands for drilling
  • Work islands for excavators

Would you like to know how a modular pontoon can offer a solution to your specific problem? Then please contact us and we would be delighted to find the perfect solution for your situation.

Couple Pontoons

Janson's Couple Pontoons are designed to be transported by standard trucks. They are lowered into the water by crane using the upper couplers as lifting lugs. Once in the water, the pontoons can quickly and easily be coupled by two engineers using a specially designed coupling system.