Drawbridge (JMB-D)

An innovation! The Janson Drawbridge (JMB-D) is a temporary, modular and moveable bridge for dense traffic. The JMB-D was designed according to the applicable norms for moveable bridges in the Netherlands and it is simple to adjust in length and width.

An adjacent bicycle or pedestrian path can easily be added. The JMB-D is suitable for all local and provincial roads with one or two driving lanes. The bridge type is built up from bridge elements in standard dimensions. The configuration is made of two parts: an abutment module and a variable leafed part. Both are supplied in different widths of 3.5 or 7 metres. The abutment module has a fixed length of around 12 metres. The leafed part has a minimal length of 12 metres and it can be extended by adding sections of 2 metres to make it maximum 20 metres.

 The drive of the bridge occurs by means of an adjustable hydraulic system. An operation cabin and a hydraulic container unit are also standard additions. Traffic lights and barriers are also standard delivered. The drawbridge was designed with consideration for a swift and simple assembly at the site. The system can obviously be connected to (and therefore prepared for) the standard Janson traffic and pedestrian bridge systems.



Drop length
12, 14, 16, 18 and 20m
Section width
3½, 5, 7 and 7½m
Maximum free span
Type H2
External footpath
Available on both sides

Janson’s Drawbridge (JMB-D)

  • Bridge length of the leafed part is from 12 to 20 metres
  • Drawbridge
  • Non-balanced type
  • Rapid openings and closing times
  • Calculations possible based on CC1 and CC2
  • NEN-EN1991-2 and Eurocode LM1